Ananta Bijoy Das: An Undefeated Fallen Down Star


Ananta Bijoy Das– was an immensely promising young man, a Bangladeshi secular blogger and writer known for advocating Science and History and Philosophy of Science, Politicization of Science, Free-thoughts, and Secularism are the particular fields of knowledge, he has published several books and articles from different publishers in Bangladesh. He ran an organization in Sylhet, introduce his organization as ‘Science & Rationalist Council’ (SRC). The main purpose of their organization was to spread Science and Rational thinking in our society. To accomplish this purpose, he took several initiatives from their organization. For example, he organized debate programs on different issues among the secondary and tertiary level of students of Bangladesh. He has a publication through which they promote Science, Rationality, Secularism, Humanist values, and critical thinking on social, cultural, religious superstitions that prevail in our Society. This publication was admired them by readers throughout Bangladesh. Its name is ‘Jukti’ or in English, ‘Rationality’. In this magazine, he published various articles written by several world-renowned scientists, sociologists, humanists, and rationalists. Moreover, he tried to build this broken down society newly with his thought and the people who were with him would be his charioteers in the new sun.

Ananta Bijoy Das was killed in a morning(12 May 2015, in Sylhet) in public with the machete by some zealots of a dark society. Could you answer what his boob was?  we believe that Ananta Bijay Das is a Phoenix(In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or born again. Associated with the Sun,) who was born in a barbaric society. He will have been being back again and again with his thought and sense in this society. He will never be defeated, is never perished. He will be seen in the sunlight of towns, will stand at the humane window. Ananta’s never die– it is impossible. Philosopher Sardar Fazlul Karim said, “I say, when is the human being born, when will I be born in? I will be born through death.” And impeccable poet Jibanananda Das wrote, “Person exists still after death.”

Ananta took responsibility of removing alga that sucking the society for thousand years. And by taking up the gauntlet, he using a pen by his townie’s hand threw a challenge to the superstitious people to stop their business which moves around a religion. Moreover, he tried to describe the natural truth in lieu of people’s preternatural thinking. He, in his lifetime, had been able to be rationalistic lad on account of his free thinking.

But, some men who were born in a rotten old society killed him brutally; nevertheless, they couldn’t banish him– as much the people could never be able to stop progress in past. In the sixteenth century, it was very dangerous to say that the earth moves around the sun; but, Nicolaus Copernicus [(1473-1543), was a Renaissance and Reformation era mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe.] uttered and brought forward the theory and finally had been able to push the earth from the center of the universe. It can seem that it is a very common phenomenon that the earth moves around the sun as we always say and believe it. But, saying this truth was not only awfully dangerous but also very deadly at that time. To reach present days to say and to believe in these all truths, science has taken hundreds of years; but, however, science-movement has never been stopped.

People who think of science have never been divergent from their path of beliefs. That’s why, Giordano Bruno [(1548-1600), was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet and cosmological theorist.] had to die under the direction of a church and Galileo Galilei [(1564-1642), an Italian freethinker and key figure in the scientific revolution who improved the telescope, made astronomical observations, and put forward the basic principle of relativity in Physics.] had to suffer intolerable pain too. Moreover, Hypatia [(born c. 350–370; died 415 AD), often called Hypatia of Alexandria, was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, inventor, and philosopher in Egypt, then part of the Eastern Roman Empire.] had to face the utmost atrocious affliction for her scientific thoughts. Under the direction of a church, at first, some people disengaged her skin and boned with an oyster-crust and ultimately they killed her on a street in Alexandria with fire. But, notwithstanding, science has been gradually gaining ground overriding all the obstacles people make. There were a few individuals who protested against while Bruno, Galilei, Hypatia and Darwin [(1808-1882), was an English naturalist, geologist, and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.] were named as Escort Of Satan; but, however, the progress of science has never been stopped for a while. Rather, it has grabbed the highest place evading people’s illiteracy and obtuseness.

Those who killed Ananta Bijoy Das were defeated to Ananta’s thoughts. And like those zealots of Alexandria Ananta-killers came here on Ananta’s green town with Machetes. Those who came with machetes to Ananta to kill him had only one identity and that was that they were a human being. Those slayers who killed Ananta brutally certainly roam here and there on the green land with smiling face; but, however, it is verily true that they are not happy at all, no happiness is in their heart. No one can live well after killing people. They could not kill the man Ananta, stopped the progress of his minute life. But, however, Ananta will certainly roam in the country, in the world with his thoughts. But, those dentate violent beasts, darkness cultivators, will be in a shack in where no light, no love exists.

It is many months since Ananta was killed; but, however, the frail state has yet to be able to apprehend the Ananta killers. The same thing is with promising science-writer Avijit Roy too. No slayer is nabbed even though one hundred days have passed away. We talk about the culture of injustice very often, but the culture of injustice is not same in everywhere. As one who speaks against the Prime Minister is arrested within a few hours. Similarly, it is a very common phenomenon and there are so many instances of arresting the blogger, writer, journalist within a few hours due to hurting the so-called religion-sentiment. But, however, there is no instance of arresting killers who kill bloggers, writers or progressive people. Here, we have no ability to do something without booing the things the state does.

I don’t know, whether the state will be able to adjudicate of Ananta-Avijit murder or not. But, we shall strive for getting a judgment, fight against killing people, be on highways to resist people who assail others’ free opinion. Moreover, we have to strive for the science-based one-way education system. We strongly believe that a science-based one-way education system can build future Anantas. And through this, Ananta will live as a darkness removing alight light. He has given us that light that never goes out and lights forever. We should carry on that light. We shall go forward if we do so outstripping all fear.

Before concluding, I would like to mention Sardar Fazlul Karim’s words: “Human beings are to die, but their ideology has no death.” Really, Ananta Bijoy Das can never die. He, the star of town, fell down on May 12, 2015. Thousand of more stars who don’t fear to fall down, though the zealots are killing the stars one after one. The twenty-century waits to hear the sound of falling down of the stars; but, however, the stars never defeat. Life is a synonym word for revolution, death is not the conclusion.

Ananta Bijoy Das, take my red salute.

State needs to stand up against the bully

Will Bangladesh government protect those who have burned and vandalised Hindu houses in Horkoli Thakurpara village of Rangpur district today (Nov 10, 2017) similar to other miscreants who have not been punished by the law?'”

On 30 October 2016, hundreds of people gathered in Brahmanbaria district in eastern Bangladesh, to protest a Facebook post allegedly made by Rasraj Das, 25, is a fisherman and member of the Hindu religious minority. which they claimed insulted Islam. The mob, which had links to the groups Hefajat-e-Islam and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, a network of madrasa leaders who hope to introduce Shariah in Bangladesh, went on a rampage through Hindu villages in the area, vandalising at least 100 homes and several temples. As usually, no justice we have got of that assault; however, Rashraj Das has been detained in Bangladesh since October 2016. He was arrested for allegedly posting an “offensive” image on Facebook and charged with “hurting religious sentiment” was locked up and had to be subdued even though he did no crime.

And again On 10 November 2017, after saying prayer of Jumuah, thousands from several villages gathered in front of a mosque and then, many of the people carrying sticks, torched and vandalised Hindu houses claiming that one Titu Chandra Roy ”insulted Islam” on Facebook two weeks ago; but it is very ridiculous that no one of that mob can say what the insulting word is.

We have seen a photo of an aged woman wailing in front of her burned down house. I just meticulously fear to think of her unuttered words and mental condition. Since we are a human being, that howling reaches to our eardrum. We get angered- definitely, these barbarisms make us offend.

A woman wailing in front of her burned down the house. Photo-courtesy

Very ago Hefazat-e-Islam, a network of madrasa leaders who hope to introduce Shariah in Bangladesh, threatened and declared that those who would dishonor Islam religion would have been throttled and killed. But, very sadly it is to say that the leaders who threaten people again and again in different ways on behalf of Hefazat are, however, highly entertained at the head office of government. Moreover, the government abides by the demands and makes a syllabus for education system after the assertions of Hefazat. Since the government doesn’t pay attention to these wrongdoings that are being happened in the country, zealot people who need land burn Hindu houses using religious sentiment- besides this, people who want to strengthen political platform using religion are active in the time of persecution.

I have no word to console the oppressed people of Horkoli Thakurpara, Rangpur. To stand by the tormented people, prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina might not go to Rangpur; but, if it were Cricket, she would surely be on the field.

A face of a white whole cloth wearing elderly woman who wailing in front of her burned down house comes again and again on my mind. Is it believable that the howling woman who downtrodden by her neighbors who dwelling just before her house! It is hard to believe in this century but it seems as if it were a very normal thing in our country.

The down-hearted people of Horkoli Thakurpara are going to spend their night under the open sky. They are helpless, burned with envy by the majority Muslim zealot people. It is crying need to stand by the abraded lawful Hindu minority people; but we are being late.

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Yet the fight will continue

23-year-old young Mashal Khan studied at the Mardan University of Pakistan. Mashal described himself as ‘The Humanist’ on his Facebook page and he dreamed of a system where everyone could enjoy justice and equal rights. Mashal Khan was never afraid to speak his mind.

The Journalism student of Mardan University was known for questioning his peers and speaking out against injustice and corruption. He adorned his dorm room with posters of Che Guevara and Karl Marx, on the wall of his room in the dorm was written: “Be Curious, Crazy, and Mad.” According to the teachers and friends, he is inquisitive and intellectual.

Therefore, Mashal Khan used to raise the question the Pakistani communal state system and discussed against fanaticism. He also used to raise voice against injustice in the society. He was killed by a mob in Pakistan. On Thursday, while he was killed over accusations of blasphemy at his University campus, a cop said that it is good that an atheist is sent to hell.


A video published online shows that a group of people was kicking and beating up Mashal Khan by half-naked. Even when his dead body was lying on the ground, they were throwing stones and wooden pieces.

Mashal khan’s house is sixty kilometers away from Mardan town, his father Iqbal Shah runs a small grocery shop and he is keenly interested in litterateur, therefore he has been growing up his children like him. Mashal khan’s sister said that Mashal is our glory.

3500 (2).jpg

As a freethinker and Student Activist from Bangladesh, I would like to say that the history of our ribs is the same comrade. Hypatia, Bruno’s blood was not worthless. Similarly, the blood of Mashal Khan will not be futile. Yet the fight will continue.

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