Yet the fight will continue

23-year-old young Mashal Khan studied at the Mardan University of Pakistan. Mashal described himself as ‘The Humanist’ on his Facebook page and he dreamed of a system where everyone could enjoy justice and equal rights. Mashal Khan was never afraid to speak his mind.

The Journalism student of Mardan University was known for questioning his peers and speaking out against injustice and corruption. He adorned his dorm room with posters of Che Guevara and Karl Marx, on the wall of his room in the dorm was written: “Be Curious, Crazy, and Mad.” According to the teachers and friends, he is inquisitive and intellectual.

Therefore, Mashal Khan used to raise the question the Pakistani communal state system and discussed against fanaticism. He also used to raise voice against injustice in the society. He was killed by a mob in Pakistan. On Thursday, while he was killed over accusations of blasphemy at his University campus, a cop said that it is good that an atheist is sent to hell.


A video published online shows that a group of people was kicking and beating up Mashal Khan by half-naked. Even when his dead body was lying on the ground, they were throwing stones and wooden pieces.

Mashal khan’s house is sixty kilometers away from Mardan town, his father Iqbal Shah runs a small grocery shop and he is keenly interested in litterateur, therefore he has been growing up his children like him. Mashal khan’s sister said that Mashal is our glory.

3500 (2).jpg

As a freethinker and Student Activist from Bangladesh, I would like to say that the history of our ribs is the same comrade. Hypatia, Bruno’s blood was not worthless. Similarly, the blood of Mashal Khan will not be futile. Yet the fight will continue.

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